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Fly Corona Aircraft

Fly Corona takes great pride in providing a well-maintained fleet of aircraft for our students and renters. We are constantly looking to upgrade and update our fleet to sustain a high level of safety and usability. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality for their money and ensuring they enjoy their flight experience.

All rates listed below are wet rates (fuel and oil included). Fly Corona never charges a fuel surcharge, no matter the current price of fuel. What you see is what you pay. Just like every flight school, we offer both a Retail rate and a discounted Block rate. However, where most schools require a purchase of 10 flight hours in advance in order to receive the discount, Fly Corona only requires $500 down and maintaining a balance of $100 on your account to receive the block rate.

Rates are current as of September 2016:

CESSNA 172 Carbureted - Rate: $109/hr Block
$119/hr Retail

  • The venerable CESSNA Skyhawk 172 is one of the most sought after and widely produced planes in history. With its high-wing design and inherently stable flight characteristics, this iconic plane is the most flown throughout the world, in many variations and models. Larger than the CESSNA 150 and boasting four seats, it is a better fit for those requiring more room in the cockpit.

  • N20556


CESSNA 172 Fuel Injected - Rate: $129/hr Block
$139/hr Retail

  • The CESSNA 172 Fuel Injected series is based on its predecessors in wing design and fuselage shape, but a lot of similarties end there. Reintroduced in 1996, the R and S models donned vast improvements in structrual strength and safety systems, including: increased airframe bracing, inertia reel seatbelts, 26G front seats, sound proofing, redesigned interior, and upgraded avionics. If you're looking for a more modern and luxurious flight experience, the fuel injected model CESSNA 172 may be the right choice for you.

  • N914SW

CESSNA 172RG - Rate: $149/hr

  • Whether you're ready to start your commercial training or just want to get to your destination a little quicker, the CESSNA 172RG is up for the task. With its retractable gear, it is faster and more aerodynamic than other models, and capable of reaching up to 130 KIAS. Its constant-speed prop allows the engine to run at a slower RPM, resulting in a quieter flight experience. The RG is well equipped with a Garmin GTN 650, King KX155 NAV-COM, DME, and a CESSNA auto-pilot. It is the perfect cruiser for building commercial flight hours.

  • N9559B

PIPER J3 CUB - Rate: $109/hr

  • Are you ready for the next challenge in your flight training? The PIPER J3 CUB's simplistic design and stick-and-rudder flying will encourage you to become a better pilot. Its more direct flying style requires a lot of skill and allows you to feel more connected to the plane. Our J3 CUB is one of the cleanest around. It boasts an 85 horsepower upgrade, electric start, wind-driven alternator, beacon, radio and intercom, and disc brake conversion. It's the perfect plane if you're looking to connect with our aviation roots, or just to fly low and slow over the beach on a nice sunny day.

  • N6900H