Flight Training
How do I get started? What does it cost to get my license? What is the training process like?
Why Fly Corona
We know you have a lot of choices in flight schools. Find out why we believe Fly Corona could be the best fit for you.
Intro Flights
Never flown a small plane before? Ready to start your flight training but you want to see what it's all about first? Take your first intro flight.

Introductory Flight Packages

An Introductory Flight is a great way to get a feel for what flying is all about, and to determine if flight training is right for you. Under the close observation of a Certified Flight Instructor next to you, you will actually control a Cessna C-172 training aircraft from the pilot's seat.

With guidance of your instructor, you will pilot a single-engine aircraft to your location. You will have the opportunity to take off from Corona Municipal Airport, fly to your destination, and land if you wish. Rest assured, each of our Cessna 172 aircraft have dual yokes so your instructor can help safely guide you in your takeoff or landing, or take over control of the aircraft at any given time. We welcome and encourage you to take a passenger along for the ride.

Who can take an Introductory Flight?

Anyone! No prior experience is needed. You don't even need a driver's license!

Even kids are welcome!

What are my options? And what is it going to cost?

We currently offer the following introductory flights:

30 Minute Introductory Flight: $99 (C172 for 2 people, $20 more for a 3rd person)


    Check out the local scenery! Fly over most of Corona and Riverside and enjoy a flight around the area's best known reservoir and flight training practice area, Lake Mathews. Chances are good that you'll find yourself smiling at the traffic below you...just like pilots do every day!

60 Minute Introductory Flight: $175 (C172 for 2 people, $20 more for a 3rd person)


    If you want to see the Southern California mountains and all the beauty they have to offer, you will love this flight! On this route, you will fly through the Inland Empire and head north towards the San Bernardino National Forest. Upon arrival, admire the clear skies and Big Bear Lake!

90 Minute Introductory Flight: $260 (C172 for 2 people, $20 more for a 3rd person)


    Join one of our Certified Flight Instructors on a tour where you pilot the aircraft around Santa Catalina Island! Over-fly John Wayne Charlie Airspace, spy on Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm from the air, and race the sailboats to this slice of paradise on the Pacific Ocean!

90 Minute Ultimate Flight Training Experience: $290 (C172 for 1 person)


    The ultimate introduction to aviation! Interested in becoming a pilot? Then this is the package for you! Get the ultimate introduction to aviation with your 1st ACTUAL LESSON! You get to choose where you would like to fly while learning all the basics and completing the 1st lesson out of the flight training syllabus. As a bonus, you get a 30 minute ground lecture with your instructor to get a feel of what flight training is all about!

    Have a pilot's logbook?

    If not, we sell them here or we'll be happy to provide you a free paper log entry for your logbook, as your introductory flight will count toward the flight training hours required for obtaining your pilot certificate. These hours never expire!

Interested in getting started?

Get in touch with us at (951) 272-3942 or through e-mail at fly@flycorona.com, and let us know you are interested in taking an introductory flight.

We look forward to meeting you!