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Fly Corona Testimonials

  • Kalon Baird

    "I am grateful I found FlyCorona to accomplish my personal goals of becoming a pilot.

    FlyCorona made me into a safe and adventurous pilot. They encouraged me to navigate the busy airspace around Southern California and gave me practical training in ground, radio communication and aerodynamic principles. The training I received would allow me to feel confident once I got my license, which is very important. Many schools focus on just preparing a student for their practical test, but at FlyCorona I received so much more. My Instructor went above and beyond to make sure I not only passed the test, but planned routes I would be most likely to fly once I was released on my own. When it came time for check ride prep, His expertise in the process made an overwhelming task flow succinctly. I'm grateful for the hands on personalized training I received at FlyCorona because now I'm a more confident pilot, ready to explore new airspace and terrain. I often hear from friends who recently passed their private check ride that they still feel apprehensive about going new places and flying in congested airspace. In relation to those people, I feel more safe, and trained to a higher standard than an average private pilot.

  • Sean Winship

    "As a Part 141 student I was able to pass my checkride with only 36.9 flight hours, and just over 40 hours of ground instruction logged. My CFI Steve Hosterman was outstanding to say the least! What a guy! The leadership is very involved and attentive, everyone is always eager to assist with a smile on their face, the airplanes are sharp, and the facilities are just great! Thank you Steve for the pleasure of working with you, and thank you Fly Corona for the experience!"

  • Chad Pirdy

    "Fly Corona has a friendly team, and their facility is always clean. They have a wide selection of clean and well-maintained aircrafts. My instructor, Brian Craig, was thorough and attentive to my progress. He is patient and focused on all the details. I was able to finish my Private Pilot rating in 42 hours, and passed the Check Ride the first time. I'm looking forward to continuing my training at Fly Corona."

  • Jonathan Salloum

    "Choosing Fly Corona as my flight school was one of the best decisions I have made. Beginning with my initial discovery flight, Fly Corona had me addicted to the cockpit and the aviation community. The staff has always greeted me with a smile and maintained a professional atmosphere. They continuously worked around my busy schedule and weather interruptions to get me in the air as much as possible. My instructors were able to teach me everything from the ground up. Spenser Phillips, my primary instructor, was patient teaching me difficult concepts while identifying my strengths and weakness to further enhance my instruction. Swiftly, I soloed my first flight and began to complete the FAA requirements. After 60 hours of flight time (one year) I achieved my dream, my private pilot license. Becoming a Pilot has changed my life in so many ways that I could not have anticipated. I am so grateful that I had the Fly Corona team, especially my instructors, guiding me through the process up to my check ride. I feel confident and strong with my abilities as a new Pilot. Instrument rating is my next goal and I look forward to continue achieving it with the Fly Corona team as my support."

  • Steve B. Graff

    "As a recent student at Fly Corona I found their staff to be very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Working toward my private pilot licence was fun and exciting with a experienced flight instructor and well maintained fleet of aircraft. They made it easy to work around my busy schedule and in a cost effective way. Their pricing is affordable and they have aircraft to rent on just about any budget. After earning my private pilots licence in a short 43 hours I would recommend Fly Corona and will continue my flight training at their facility."