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Start DGCA Basic Online Theoretical Course TODAY!

Course Overview

The DGCA Basic Program at Flying Academy is incorporated for students from India who wish to fly for airlines in India. Our training program is in accordance with the DGCA standards, requirements, and regulations. The DGCA Basic will allow students to attend all the required theoretical classes in accordance with DGCA combined with basic theoretical training. This course is now offered as a distance learning program in virtual classrooms with live online lectures for the theoretical part of your training! 
  • To be at least 17 years old
    • You need to be at least 17 years old at the date of enrollment.  
  • To be a Class 1 medical certficate holder
    • You need to have a valid Class 1 Medical certificate.   
  • To be proficient in the English language

The module course covers at least 320 hours of theoretical class sessions. The applicant has to go through ground training covering: 

  • Air Regulation – 80 hours 
  • Air Navigation – 40 hours 
  • Meteorology – 40 hours
  • Radio Telephony (RT) – 81 hours
  • Technical – 80 hours (only for students who wish to fly with airlines in India)

Additionally, with up to 60 hours of basic knowledge.

  • Our virtual classroom is set up with the latest technological advancements to ensure a prime level of learning.
  • Students can attend lectures, go through the reading materials, complete assignments, and fulfill their theoretical requirements.
  • No geographic restrictions
  • Students can save tremendous time and funds on their overall pilot training!
  • Courses are broadcasted LIVE so that students may voice questions and enable optimum interactivity
  • At the end of each “class”, students have the opportunity to partake in guided discussions to clarify any misunderstandings they might have concerning the lecture.

Course Benefit


Start with online DGCA Basic Theory from the comfort of your home. Afterward, come to any of our bases to carry out the flight training portion of your course.


Enroll in our DGCA Basic course which is the first step into the world of aviation. Become
a Pilot in no time with our
DGCA course and soar the
skies for leisure.


This organization of
training will decrease
the costs of the training,
providing you with
high-quality theoretical
training following the
current trends, while
allowing you to save on
the living costs.


DGCA Basic

$ 3159 Full Pack Course
  • 60 Hours of Live Broadcasted classes for Basic Knowledge
  • 80 Hours of Live Broadcasted classes for Air Regulation
  • 40 Hours of Live Broadcasted classes for Air Navigation
  • 81 Hours of Live Broadcasted classes for Radio Telephony (RT)
  • 80 Hours of Live Broadcasted classes for Technical (only for students who wish to fly with airlines in India)
  • Lecture presentations conducted by appointed instructors
  • In-depth consultations
  • Stimulating assignments via Google Classroom
  • Progress check monitored by your student advisor
  • Access to all class recordings
  • Access to your eLearning (LMS) portal where you will find all interactive study material.
2,32,237.99 ₹

RTR Schedule

*The course will start 10th of November*
Day 113 - 16 Prague time 1. Meanings and significance. 2. ATS(Air Traffic Services) abbreviations. 3. Q code groups commonly used in radio telephony(RT) air ground communications. 4. Categories of messages 1. Transmission of letters 2. Transmission of numbers 3. Transmission of time 4. Transmission techniques 
Day 213 - 16 Prague time6. RT call signs for aeronautical stations including use of abbreviated call signs 7. RT call signs for aircraft including use of abbreviated call signs 8. Transfer of communication 9. Test procedures including readability scale 11. Radar procedure phraseology 
Day 313 - 16 Prague time5. Standard words and phrases 10. Read back and acknowledgement requirements 
Day 413 - 16 Prague time(IFR PART) 11. Radar procedure phraseology 12. Level changes and reports 13. Data link messages 
Day 513 - 16 Prague time1. Aerodrome weather terms (2) Weather broadcast 
Day 713 - 16 Prague time1. Signals and procedures - DISTRESS 2. Urgency 
Day 813 - 16 Prague timeVHF PROPAGATION AND ALLOCATION OF FREQUENCIES 1. Meteorological observations 2. Use of morse code. 
Day 913 - 16 Prague timeReview 
Day 1013 - 16 Prague timeAlphabet, Spelling, Callsign 
Day 1113 - 16 Prague timeTaxi in uncontrolled aerodrome 
Day 1213 - 16 Prague timeTaxi in controlled aerodrome 
Day 1313 - 16 Prague timeDeparting controlled aerodrome 
Day 1413 - 16 Prague timeDeparting uncontrolled aerodrome 
Day 1513 - 16 Prague timeInformation service communications 
Day 1613 - 16 Prague timeCrossing an Uncontrolled Airspace 
Day 1713 - 16 Prague timeCrossing a Controlled Airspace 
Day 1813 - 16 Prague timeArrival to an Uncontrolled Aerodrome 
Day 1913 - 16 Prague timeArrival to a Controlled Aerodrome 
Day 2013 - 16 Prague timeIFR departure 
Day 2113 - 16 Prague timeIFR en-route 
Day 2213 - 16 Prague timeIFR arrival 
Day 2313 - 16 Prague timeDistress + Urgency communications 
Day 2413 - 16 Prague timeReview 
Day 2513 - 16 Prague timeReview 
Day 2613 - 16 Prague timeReview 
Day 2713 - 16 Prague timeReview 

The Online Ground Training Step By Step

Enroll in your chosen course/program
From the wide variety of courses and programs offered and Flying Academy, choose the course program that is best suited for your pilot training and begin enrollment processes. 
Gain access to the LMS
Once you are enrolled and validated as a student at Flying Academy, you will gain full access to our eLearning platform the LMS - where you can access all your study materials, training progress, attendance, educational tools, testing portals, and all the homework and classwork assignments required for your pilot training. 
Check the Calendar for schedules
The calendar available on LMS will provide you with important dates of when your classes are scheduled and the dates of stage-check examinations. 
Use the link to attend the LIVE online lecture
Links for each class are scheduled to be sent via email and it is also available on LMS under the respective class. Attendance is mandatory. 
Read all related study materials for the class
Self-study is an integral portion of your theoretical training. Therefore, all the reading material and study tools available on LMS are for students to thoroughly study the material and be fully prepared for upcoming classes.
Complete the Classwork and Homework Assignments
Worksheets are presented during the live online class to interact with the other students and instructors. Homework assignments are given by appointed instructors which are to be completed after class and before the next class. This way, instructors can check your knowledge and progress thus far.
Go through the Testing Portal
After your self-study and you feel prepared, you will be able to find the testing portal on LMS which consists of mock exams, study tests, and a question bank with more than 30,000 questions!
Finish your Progress Test
Within each block, there are a series of mandatory progress tests that must be completed in order to proceed to the stage-check examination.
Stage-Check Examination
At the end of a block, once attendance requirements are met and progress tests have been completed, you will be eligible to attend the stage-check examination. There are two parts to this examination, written and oral. Only after successfully completing the written part of the examination will you be allowed to perform the oral examination.
4 Blocks of Ground Training
The theoretical training is divided into 4 blocks. Each block ends with a stage-check examination, until stage-check 4.
Final stage check at Flying Academy
The final stage check will be conducted at Flying Academy. Once all requirements have been met and all tests have been successfully completed, you will be eligible to attend the final examination at the aviation authority.
Final examination at the Aviation Authority
Flying Academy will provide you the certification that allows you to complete your final examination at the local aviation authority.
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Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Step 9
Step 10
Step 11
Step 12

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Start your theoretical training immediately wasting no time, and gain international exposure and experience through Flying Academy.

The DGCA Basic theoretical courses are held via our virtual e-Learning platform,, in the form of live online classroom sessions with complete access to an extensive library of interactive study materials.

There will be a set schedule given to students upon enrollment.

In case you are unable to attend a scheduled class, you can either retake it at a later date or you can send a request to access a recording of the classroom sessions. Our main goal is to make the training effective and effortless and not to hinder you on your path towards your pilot career.

Flying Academy is an international training center with a global presence with our bases located in the US and in EU. If travel regulations permit you to fly over to any of our bases, feel free to complete your theoretical training in person on base, together with your practical training.

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