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Flying Academy’s global reach has given us the opportunity to expand our international community welcoming students from all over the world. Our dedicated training consultants are always available to help and guide our international students with services, assistance, and support.

Aircraft Documents

Aircraft Manuals, Flight Guides, Dispatch Filling Instructions, Handbooks, and more are all available.


Access to scheduling consultations with instructors and scheduling oral stage check examination at your convenience.

Training Materials

Gain access to question banks, databases, dispatches, e-books, and more.


Customer Support

Any concerns you have while on-base or studying remotely, our team can tend to your needs and answer all your questions.

Study Program

According to your qualifications, requirements, and wants – our team will provide you with a list of the most suitable programs for your needs.


During your training, from base to airport, transportation will be provided. However, commuting for leisure will be at your own expense.


When coming to one of our bases in the US, our team will help you find accommodation according to your preferences and needs. Our staff can assist in finding a flat or a room to rent with other students.

Visa Procedure – USA

The procedure is divided into two parts: Obtaining the I-20 form and obtaining the M-1 visa. All documents required from our side when applying for a visa to our bases in the United States will be given and supported by Flying Academy.

Provided are the Pilot Information Manuals for each of Top Flight’s aircraft, Weight and Balance sheets and other useful documents that will help you with your training.

Airport Features

  • Corona airport has 3200 X 60 feet runway lengths
  • No Control Tower allowing optimal use of training time
  • 24 hours self-serve refueling service
  • Located 1hr drive the city of Los Angeles
  • Surrounded by controlled tower airports such as Chino, Riverside, Ontario, etc.
  • The training area is within 15 NM radius from the base
  • Opportunities to Practice Sidestep Approaches
  • Airport Café located next to Flying Academy facilities
  • Flying Academy owns its own maintenance facility which you can find in the surrounding hangars


KAJO Airport

Located on 100 acres of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land leased to the City of Corona in the Prado Basin, community-oriented, Corona Municipal Airport. The airport is home to 300-350 general aviation aircraft and is strictly a recreational airport with no commercial flights. Our small airport is extremely active, with approximately 35,000 annual operations.


The amazing Corona base campus is located in an amazing, yet quaint area. Only 45 minutes from the city center of Los Angeles, and located near the popular airport café, our campus is designed in two parts.

In the first part (Building A), students can visit the administrative offices such as student services, administrative office, and the second building is dedicated to students resources, such as state-of-the-art briefing rooms, innovative classrooms for ground training, and an exquisite pilot lounge to enjoy before or after a student’s flight (Building B).

Student Life

The city of Corona is illustrated by its laid-back environment. Conveniently located amenities and interesting attractions are a great way to continuously enjoy Corona on a regular basis. Knowing that there is an abundance of amenities and things to do can ensure that you always have access to nearby grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops. Some of the interesting things to do and attractions include Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa, Tom’s Farms, and Fender Guitar Visitor Center.

Worldwide Campus

By shifting our theoretical training online, we now have the opportunity to expand our international community and reach and teach students from around the globe. Your free trial of eLearning –


Start here to find helpful links, services, and tools you can use — and discover new ones. Everything you need to succeed is at your fingertips.


The Aviation Weather Center delivers consistent, timely and accurate weather information for the world airspace system.


To hold a Private Pilot license and above you are required to pass a medical exam by an approved aviation medical examiner.

For a complete list of examiners please visit


Avemco Insurance 1-888-241–7891

Assured Partners Insurance


Have Any Questions?

+1 (951) 272-3942

Send Us E-mail

[email protected]

1903 Aviation Dr, bldg #B,

Corona, CA, 92880

About Us

Our bases are strategically located to satisfy the needs of aviation students around the world. Currently, we operate three bases in the US. In the greater Los Angeles area, Flying Academy is located in Corona and Van Nuys. Not to exclude the east coast, we have an additional base in sunny Miami. Across the pond, we have two bases in the Czech Republic (Prague and Brno) and Bad Voslau, Austria (just outside of Vienna). 

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Copyright©Flying Academy 2021.All Right Reserved.

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